Dragonball Z Endless Battle .16

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Dragonball Z Endless Battle .16

Post by Neflarion on Mon Feb 16, 2015 1:14 pm



Increased the bounty Exp for all units:
Red Ribbon +1
Lord Slug's +2
Planet Trade +4
Hellspawn +8
Demons in Hell and Swamp creatures by corresponding amounts
Afterlife training units by 1 each as they can be spawned faster then everything else.
Bug Fixes:
Hopefully fixed the issue where players don't have control of their characters.
Hopefully fixed the bug where you can destroy beacons.
Hopefully fixed the text tags being visible through the fog of war.
Fixed the bug where you couldn't get Sensu beans from Yajirobe.
Fixed a bug where you had to be 1 level higher on certain characters then intended to transform.
Fixed a bug where cell couldn't absorb the androids.

More to come


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