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Dragonball Z Endless Battle .22

Post by Neflarion on Tue Feb 17, 2015 11:01 pm

Published as private for testing.

Added three small demons to Hell.
Added two large demons to Hell.
Added triggers to replace all the units on Earth and in Hell with the next tier units. This is done over the course of about 10 seconds.
Added a message displayed once every 15 minutes, directing people to the site.
Added Text Tags to tell players where teleportation beacons will take them.
Added a variable to prevent characters in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber from dieing and going to Heaven.
Added triggers to disable the simple command card and enable enemy unit selection for all players by default.
Added help menu items giving basic information on what level is required for transformations, absorptions, and fusions as well as the relative stat boosts of each form.
Changed the way the character set trigger works.
Removed the acceleration and deceleration multiplier from all the transformations in hopes of fixing the issue with the jumping around mid to late game.
Reduced the time it takes for the creeps to upgrade from 45 minutes to 30 minutes.
Removed the acceleration and deceleration multiplier from the guard stat.
Expanded the size of Hell.
Redid the layout of Snakeway to compensate for the increased size of Hell.
Changed the way revert works so it's not using triggers to remove forms instead it is now using an ability to remove all transformation behaviors.
Changed Broly's model from immortal to Illidan.
Changed Goku's model from ghost to Uther.
Changed Gohan's model from marine to footman.
Changed the way the triggers for entering/leaving the Hyberbolic Time Chamber work, so if a character is not being played they can still enter/leave.
Changed the floor of Dr. Gero's lab and Babidi's spaceship to have a more technological feel.
Changed just out side of Babidi's spaceship to be a wasteland to be more inline with the show.
Changed transformation tints to be controlled by triggers rather then actor events.
Changed Gohan's Mystic Behavior name to Mystic instead of Mystic Super Saiyan.
Increased xp bounty for all creeps.

  • Tier 1 by 50%
  • Tier 2 by 100%
  • Tier 3 by 200%
  • Tier 4 by 400%

Reduced the health and energy regeneration from fountains by 50%.
Reduced required xp to lvl for all lvls by approximately 10%
Increased Energy drain of all forms by 50%
Decreased the respawn time on all creeps on Earth from 90 seconds to 60 seconds.
Decreased the respawn time on all creeps in Hell from 90 seconds to 45 seconds.
Bug Fixes:
Fixed it so the swamp creeps actually display on the minimap.
Fixed it so the swamp creeps actually give exp upon killing them.
Changed the triggers to make Frieza's actor swap to the correct model for each form.
Changed the triggers to make Cooler's actor swap to the correct model for each form.
Fixed the bug where Fat Buu would move back to his start location after killing 1 thing.
Fixed a bug where is took more xp to get to lvl 20 then to get to lvl 21.
Fixed it so attacking and using abilities should correctly trigger character "death".
Fixed it so killing a player character grants character level * 5 xp to the killing player.
Moved 2 units off the edge of the map which made them unattackable by melee.
Found a mech unit on the map that had no triggers associated with it and added the appropriate triggers.
Removed the power user behavior from Majin Buu's Ball.
Fixed a bug where Gohan did not have a model swap for his Oozaru ability.
Fixed a typo on the loading screen.
Fixed a typo on the tooltip for the energy attribute.
Fixed a bug where through the process of fusing and unfusing Gotenks could multiply his stats without having to do anything.
Fixed typo in Hell Guardian's name.
Fixed bug where Goz and Mez would not grant xp upon killing them.
Changed the way reverting works for those character's with non-permanent transformations to allow those forms to be manually turned off.
Fixed Gotenks being unable to fuse.
Fixed it so Hell's Guardian drops a revive ticket upon death.
Fixed it so Revive tickets can be picked up off the ground.
Fixed not being able to get Sensu Beans from Yajirobe.
Increased the cooldown and buying sensus to 75 seconds up from 30 seconds.
Fixed not being able to use Oozaru more than once.
Bugs to be Fixed:
Player characters don't give xp to killing character on "death".
Inventory button hidden behind menu bar. (Turns out this is a bug on Blizzard's part.)
Small Swamp Birds don't grant xp.
The teleport beacon to and from the lookout do not show map, but show on mini-map.
Goku unable to revert from Kaioken.
Units don't respawn in a timely fashion after tier upgrade trigger activates.
When all the Evil Warriors are killed, the defeat trigger for the Evil Warriors does not trigger correctly.
Oozaru not available after using once.

More to come


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