A lot left to do, not a whole lot of free time.

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A lot left to do, not a whole lot of free time.

Post by Neflarion on Fri Mar 27, 2015 2:38 pm

First off I want to apologize for it taking over a month to do an update or explain why it's taking so long. Currently I'm going back to school at night and taking care of my kids during the day. So I don't have a whole lot of free time to get much done. I honestly have not even had a chance to touch the editor for the last month. As I'm typing this I have the editor open, but I still have three assignments that are due tomorrow.

Anyway, I did get on SC2 and look at the current reviews.

As for the complaints that it was released too early. Yes I know, but I was at the point of not being able to test effectively and I don't have a ton of people I know who can test for me.

Thanks for the bug reports that some of you did.

I wasn't even aware that the fusion for Gotenks wasn't working. Was one of the last things I was thinking about.
As for reverting not working, I know it works for Goku and Frieza's 2nd form. Regardless I'm going to change the way revert works because I know it wasn't working for Frieza Form 3. After It's changed it should work better at least.
Not sure what is meant by Broly's ability doesn't work. I'll look into it.
The run speed issue, I noticed before when the speed bonus increase why higher. I think I may just increase everyone's base speed a little and reduce the bonus at ton, if I don't decide to take it out entirely until I can figure out a reliable way to not make it glitch at high speeds.
As for abilities in general I know that they are messed up. For what ever reason the game won't activate the damage effect when used. So I added a triggered damage effect. When things are killed with the triggered effect, you don't gain exp. The spell damage does work though and increases as you get more energy. I plan limit the triggered damage to below a certain level so you can do damage with it early on but then have to rely on the spell damage later. At least this is the thought process until I can figure out why the damage effect doesn't work.
Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta all have working Oozaru transformations. Oozaru and Body expand shouldn't be usable until level 15.
There are other bugs I know of that I'm trying to fix as well, but nothing as simple as "This is the bug and click, now it's fixed" with this editor. A prime example is the Buu bug where he keeps moving back to where he started after killing something. Tried 4 different way to fix that, or the starting bug where players aren't in control of who they picked or have control of extra characters.

Other Plans.
Models. Yes I do plan to get DBZ models eventually, but I am not a modeler. Also the models are very low on the priority list.
Limited form times. I don't have any plans on limiting form times mainly because this could cause some balancing issues. My mindset is if SSJ3 Goku is fighting LSSJ3 Broly and Goku is force reverted to normal while Broly still has 2 minutes left in LSSJ3, then Goku get decimated by Broly without even a fair fight.
World Tournament/Other World Tournament. I have plans to include these but I'm not sure how I'm going to implement them yet. So while the terrain is there for them it may be awhile before they're added.
Sagas. I do plan on adding the story and movie sagas into the game. I want to get some of the major bugs out of the game before I start adding these in. The story Sagas will start with Radtiz and the movie sagas will start with Dead Zone. Sagas for playable characters will either be skipped or modified.
Character Tips. This I plan to add eventually, but it's not a priority.
Mystic/Gravity Training. These were part of DBZ Tribute on WC3 and I plan to add them in but after I get major bugs worked out.
Gogeta/Vegito. Another plan that I'm not sure how I'm going to implement yet, but I'll get to it.

That's the majority of what I know I need to work on. If you see something else or want something added feel free.


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