Dragonball Z Endless Battle .23

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Dragonball Z Endless Battle .23

Post by Neflarion on Tue Dec 13, 2016 2:54 pm

Added a randomization to where Androids 17 and 18 spawn.
Added the Energy Squall ability to Androids 14 and 15.
Added information about the required level to transform into Omega 13 onto the tooltip for the transformation.

Moved Goz, Mez, Large Demon 4, Small Demon 8 down off the top edge of the map and move small demon 7 to keep his distance from small demon 8.
Lightened up the text tag color for Cell to make his text tag stand out more against the grass.
Changed the Oozaru to be timed by the behavior and removed the timer window.
Changed Revert so that it should work with a single button.
Changed the icon for the Fake Moon ability.
Changed the hotkey for Cell's absorb from A to B to keep it from over lapping with the attack hotkey.
Changed Goten and Trunks from Purple to Orange.
Changed Frieza from Light Pink to Purple

Increased general XP bounty by 25%.
Increased XP bounty for T1 demons in hell by 25%
Increased XP bounty for T2 demons in hell by 50%
Increased XP bounty for T3 demons in hell by 100%
Increased XP bounty for T4 demons in hell by 150%

Bug Fixes:
Fixed the issue with Gohan and Goku shrinking to the wrong size after using Oozaru.
Fixed the fusion validator for Trunks and Goten which was set to only allow use fusion at exactly level 70 and didn't have a target for the validator.
Fixed Pui Pui and Dabura sharing a summoning cooldown.
Locked the AI Players 13 and 14 to have their own default game attribute so they don't incidentally take up a player character space in the lobby.
Goz and Mez not respawning should be fixed.
Hell's Guardian becoming incapacitated and not dropping a revive ticket should be fixed.
Fixed Android 13 not being able to absorb Android 14 and 15.
Fixed the game crashing when permanent transformations occur.
Reverting Goten or Trunks should now revert both.
Fixed Goten's and Trunks's icons in the help menu.
Fixed Yakon not having a weapon.
Fixed Cell not being able to absorb the androids.
Removed the energy cost for Android 13 to transform into Omega 13.

Bugs to be Fixed:
Goku and Gohan shrinking to the wrong size after using Oozaru.
Pui Pui and Dabura sharing a summoning cooldown.
Yakon Doesn't have a weapon to attack with.
Game crashes when Babidi gets 100 kills. (Not sure if this is a SC2 bug or a bug in the map as this worked in prior versions of SC2)
The A.I. Takes up 2 characters in the lobby.
Hell's Guardian becomes incapacitated when killed in Hell and does not drop a revive ticket.
Hell's Guardian does not revive at full health.
One of the large demons in hell starts on the edge of the map and is unattackable by melee.
Goz and Mez don't revive after being killed.
Game Crashes when cell reaches level 20. (Again this may be a bug with SC2 as this has worked before.)
The help menu displays Goku's portrait for Goten and Trunks. (May be for more, will fix all).
Goten and Trunks can only turn off Super Saiyen for Goten or Trunks, the other will give an error.
The Masenko doesn't fire for Gohan.
Gohan's text tag name doesn't display correctly.
Android 13 can't manually fuse and the death of 14/15 at level 25 doesn't trigger the absorption trigger.
Imperfect Cell's absorb ability doesn't work correctly to allow him to absorb the androids.

More to come


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