Dragonball Z Endless Battle .25

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Dragonball Z Endless Battle .25

Post by Neflarion on Tue Jun 27, 2017 7:09 pm

Added a tip to explain to new players how to access their inventory.
Added a function to display a random tip once every two minutes. (currently will only run 10 times)
Added some text displays to help players know when they got Gohan's unlock potential and when Piccolo fuses with Nail and Kami.

Changed Hotkeys for some abilities to prevent them from overlapping with basic unit control hotkeys.
Changed Body Expand to work like Oozaru, where the behavior controls the timing of the ability.

Added Cooldowns to all attack abilities.
Added an energy cost to Cell's and Buu's absorbtion abilities.
Reduced the damage of Buu's absorb by 50%.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed it so Piccolo can fuse with Nail at level 25.
Fixed it so Piccolo should be able to use Body Expand more then once.
Fixed Goku's Kamehameha.
Fixed everyone's revert button missing.
Fixed it so players can use SSJ again if they run out of energy.
Added target filters so players can't target abilities at allies and neutral units.
Fixed Gohan not being able to get his unlock potential buff at level 20.
Fixed it so only 7 Super Buu spawns can be alive at 1 time when a character is absorbed by Super Buu.

Bugs to be Fixed:
When Buu Absorbs a player, it spawns endless amounts of spawns very quickly.
Players Can't not use SSJ again if they run out of energy while using SSJ.
Goku's Kamehameha was missing.
Everyone's revert button was missing.
Unlock Potential may not activate for Gohan.
Piccolo doesn't fuse with Nail at level 25.
Players can permanently kill teammates using beams.
Piccolo can only use body expand once.
Abilities are too spammable.
Hotkeys for some abilities are unuseable.

More to come


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