Dragonball Z Endless Battle .26

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Dragonball Z Endless Battle .26

Post by Neflarion on Wed Jun 28, 2017 12:58 am

Added a tip explaining to use F12 for the help menu.
Added a tip explaining the location of the healing fountains.
Added a tip explaining where to obtain sensu beans.
Added a dialog to help keep track of how many kills a player absorbed by Super Buu needs to escape.
Added a tip like display explaining sagas, movie villains, and tournaments are not implemented yet.
Added a function to reveal King Yemma's and King Kai's for the Z warriors.

Changed the tip display to run a total of 50 times up from 10.
Changed the tip display to start at the 60 seconds up from 30 seconds.
Cooler's 1st form from Sentry to Purifier Zealot.


Bug Fixes:

Bugs to be Fixed:

More to come


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