Dragonball Z Endless Battle .27

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Dragonball Z Endless Battle .27

Post by Neflarion on Wed Jun 28, 2017 8:09 pm

Added two more tips.
Increased the number of times the random tips display from 50 to 70.
Added Raditz.



Bug Fixes:
Fixed Babidi's text tag not disappearing when Babidi gets 100 kills.
Fixed Dabura, Yakon, and Pui Pui not dieing when Majin Buu is freed.
Fixed Cooler not being able to transform.
Drastically reduced the movement speed bonus from guard.
The power scaling should be fixed.
Buu's absorb should be fixed.
Fixed Broly's model not turning.
Fixed Cooler not having an attack animation.

Bugs to be Fixed:
Cooler and Buu don't have attack animations.
Broly's model only faces down.
Cooler can't transform.
Power scaling is not applying correctly when permanent transformation characters transform.
The speed bonus from guard becomes unmanageable with high amounts of guard.
Items are dropped when players use a beacon to move from one place to another.
Super Buu appears next to Fat Buu when the player achieves their Evil Buu form.
Super Buu's absorbtion ability no longer works.
Babidi's text tag does not disappear when 100 kills are achieved.
Dabura, Yakon, and Pui Pui do don't despawn automatically when Majin Buu is released.
Cooler still has sentry portrait.

More to come


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