Stats rework/limitation

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Stats rework/limitation

Post by copernicus on Mon Aug 21, 2017 12:57 am

I see a lot of areas of stats that can use tweaking or limitations.

For one, I will admit I do not know what is capable in the SC2 map editor and what imitations there are in the SC2 engine. That being said, is there any possible way to limit stats overall in the game? For instance, I currently am looking at my SSJ2 Goku and he is simply unreal. I like being able to get uber powerful in this game but he currently has a speed of 43 which is ludicrous. Is there anyway to limit the max overall speed or adjust the gains to the speed multiplier for each point in Guard?

Again, I am not sure what SC2 editor casn do, but maybe tie max stats to your level? Or have a hard max stat for each character? My SSJ3 Goku with nearly 3k in each stat is just comically strong. Maybe have Goku a hard limit of 1600 in each attribute? Or, if the engine can handle it, make it a 6 stats per lvl? This number can change per character, which you can incclude on the help screen to let people know.

For example, Broly can have 7 max stats per level, Goku 6, Gohan 6, Future Trunks 5 or something. This will also help nerf the swamp training and limit how OP people can get from the swamp. The swamp would still be useful but not OP.

Just a recap: rework speed bonus from Guard and maybe try to implement a max stats per lvl system for each character to keep things balanced and prevent insanely overpowered players.


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