DBZ Endless Battle .6

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DBZ Endless Battle .6

Post by Neflarion on Fri Feb 13, 2015 11:43 pm

Added note on Fake Moon to lets players know they need to be level 15 to use it.
Added in functions so killing a player grants exp.
Added notes on Dabura, Yakon, and Pui Pui on how long they last.
Changed players 13 and 14 to be computers so they will be hostile to player 15.
Reduced the health regen in Oozaru form.
Reduced Vegeta's base energy regeneration rate to .5 down from .75
Changed it so Babidi can Summon Dabura, Yakon, and Pui Pui at the same time.
Bug Fixes:
Fixed the loading screen text to make it all visible.
Fixed Hell's Guardian dieing and not dropping ticket.
Fixed Goz and Mez regenerating to full health instantly when killed.
Hopefully fixed the text tags being visible through the fog of war.
Fixed being able to kill beacons with beams.
Fixed Vegeta's Oozaru form lasting forever.
Fixed Vegeta's Starting energy to be 225 max starting base.

Fixed Babidi's Kill tracker not counting.

More to come


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